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CV #17 Pegasus Logistics: How to Become a Culture of Learning


Despite it being the busiest time of the quarter at Pegasus Logistics Group, Candice Gouge, VP of Talent & Engagement, and Lance Shipp, CFO, were kind enough to make the time to chat with me. This was my second time visiting Pegasus and we dove deep into how they became a culture of learning and development. 

Pegasus wasn’t always a culture of learning and development. In fact, they didn’t begin to focus on learning and development until 3 years ago, as a result of a company reorganization and the desire to invest more into its employees. Recognizing the long-term importance of talent pipeline and internal promotion (both on employee engagement and bottom line success) they began their journey of becoming a culture of learning and development. As Candice stated, “A culture of learning starts with the leaders of the organization believing that learning is important and supporting it.” 

Today, they have multiple robust programs including: Individual Development Plans (IDPs), 1-2-1 Check-Ins, Foundational Leadership Courses for everyone in the organization, a 10-month Next Level Leadership Course for supervisors with direct reports, a 42-Week Peer Development Plan, which is a rotation program for recent graduates, monthly lunch and learns, and an LMS system which keeps track of all the content. Throughout the day, I learned about these programs, observed a 1-2-1 between Candice and Lance (a huge part of their culture), and crossed an item off my bucket list--driving a pickup truck in Texas (but that’s another story). I could write a book about all of their material, but I’ll keep it to the most digestible and easy to implement. Here’s what I learned: