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Welcome to my blog on company culture! I’m traveling the country visiting companies with great workplace cultures and writing about them. Why? Find out here.

Julia Kortberg


Touring with Purpose: An Inside Look Into Companies Who Care

Touring with Purpose: An Inside Look Into Companies Who Care

Hi there and thanks for checking out the blog! I am currently sitting at the Detroit airport, about to fly to Boston, city #1 of 10 on my cross-country trip: Touring with Purpose: The Inside Look at Companies Who Care.

For the month of June, my goal is to visit 20+ companies with great work place cultures on the east side of the U.S.  I'll be meeting with purpose-driven CEOs & founders and learning their stories, taking company tours,  and discovering —what specifically about these work environments— makes them great. The purpose of this trip is to learn and to share these discoveries with you —whether you're a values-driven leader looking for practical tips to create a better culture, an employee who works for a company that doesn't have an amazing workplace culture and should, or my mom and dad trying to keep tabs on where I am this month (because I know you will be! :))- this blog is for you.



I wish I could tell you an extravagant story—but honestly, it came down to luck, generosity, and for once in my life, not having a plan. 

I'm lucky enough to have been a part of the Small Giants Community - a community of purpose-driven CEOs and Founders who care deeply about their employees in the totality of their lives. These companies also choose to lead with purpose and people over profit, knowing that in turn, that profit will follow. To some, this may sound strange, but to me—and many other leaders out there— there is no other way to do business.

Which is why when my fellowship ended this week, I knew I couldn't find just any job to apply to. I wanted to take my time and do it right (and also figure out what exactly it was that I wanted to do next), which left me with no concrete plan. Knowing that my fellowship was ending, many of the leaders, (because they are seriously some of the most genuine and open-hearted individuals I have ever met) invited me to reach out and visit.  I realized I should just do it.


The companies I'm visiting vary in revenue, industry, number of employees, and geographic location - and that's the great thing about company culture - the lessons you learn at one company can extend to the next - because in the end, it's all about people. 

Here's the list of cities and companies I'm visiting so far: BOSTON ( Cambridge Naturals, Mass Bay Brewing Company, Acceleration Partners, Mcrea's Candies), CONNECTICUT (IMPACT), NEW JERSEY  ( D'Artagnan), PHILADELPHIA (Think Company), ATLANTA (Essential Ingredients, turnerboone, Taylor Dumas English), AUSTIN (Vital Farms, Book in a Box, Haley Rushing (The Purpose Institute)), DALLAS (Call Em All, Venturity, Mojo Media Labs, Pegasus Logistics Group), CHICAGO ((Corey Blake (Round Table Companies), El Famous Burrito, Tuthill Corporation, Ace Metals and Red Caffeine)).

I hope you'll join me in my journey over the next month. Subscribe here for the email notifications. And if you have any questions or comments, please reach out! I'd love to hear from you. 

With gratitude,
Julia Kortberg


CV #1 Cambridge Naturals: Wellness In Everything They Do

CV #1 Cambridge Naturals: Wellness In Everything They Do